Understanding How Temporary Numbers Work

You met someone in the night club and after a brief exchange of glances and dance moves, it was time to exchange numbers. You were perplexed and couldn’t trust, and worried about the cons of giving your number to strangers. Hop on, I will get you a temporary number for such temporary dates.

Temporary numbers which are also known as burner numbers have been there since last more than a decade, but the doubts and rumors attached with them are as old as these burner numbers are. When the concept was introduced, it was way too expensive and required a lot much of hassle to get a temporary number. It’s because of the benefits they provide, but now the internet has widened the reach greatly and platforms like have made availing them easy and cheap too.

I myself have used such numbers many times, like when I travel, have some short term commitment, or involved in some social activities like rallies and movements. Identity makes all of us worried and we must be, but such options have made us people limitless and have given freedom to do things which otherwise would have leashed us with many worries like, identity theft, spams, frauds and misuse.

What Are Temporary Numbers?

Temporary phone numbers or burner numbers are provided by many websites and applications which can be disposed of anytime and that too without any digital footprints, chances of being traced, spam or fraud risks and identity theft.

You can get them by visiting websites like temp number. Fill in your preferences, selecting the nation you want the number to be from and then paying the fees and get started quickly. They can be routed to any of your preferred phone devices and then they will ring over there only. Later you can dispose of them anytime.  Don’t worry I will explain the whole process below. Firstly, just understand some more important details before you buy one.

Is It Safe To Use Temporary Numbers?

The most common and the biggest question which surrounds the temporary numbers is regarding the safety and if there will be any troubles. Temporary numbers are very much safe, additionally they help you save your actual identity from many threats, which social media otherwise have made you prone to.

The service providers are authorized by the internet or cyber laws and they will provide you with a genuine internet number, helping you to hide your identity for any reason never asked. The safety is guaranteed and the other details regarding the services will be mentioned by the service provider only, you buy the number from.

How Do I Set Up a Temporary Phone Number?

Setting up a temporary phone number is easy and quick. I will mention a scenario where I bought services from temp number for using Whatsapp Will explain the whole process step by step which will help you clearing any confusion you might have;

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Only on the homepage of the website, you will find the option to “Try Now”, option located on the downright side of the screen, click on it to proceed.

Step 3: Another page will open then, select the type of service that you need. 

Step 4: Scroll down and select the service, for eg. I selected Whatsapp. Click on it to select and proceed further.

Step 5: Now, in this step you will be asked to select from the list of countries as per your needs. There is a search bar right above the list, type the country you are looking for.

Step 6: Then click on the continue button. 

Step 7: After that you will be directed to another page that will show the price for activation. 

Step 8: Click on Activate and then sign up with any account available or you can quickly create a new account hasslefree.

Step 9: After you have logged in, select the payment method and type and proceed towards the payment page. Post this you will receive your temp Whatsapp number.

How Much Temporary Numbers Cost?

We must understand that the cost and plans for the temporary number services vary from platform to platform. Please note that the cost and charges are levied as per the services you have opted for. Many different platforms provide different types of services and you have to select as per your preferences and then check the prices.

Comparing prices from different platforms is like picking the best apple from the fresh harvest. They are almost the same, it just depends on the needs and the services the consumer is looking for.


Services like this often create many doubts in the consumer’s mind. It’s quite understandable that your actual number and identity will be safe and can’t be revealed, but what about the amount and type of information which you share with the service platform for getting services. 

For any such confusion, I suggest you to always read thoroughly the end user agreement and understand what the conditions and terms are attached.

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