StealthEX Integrates with PAW: A Leap Forward in the Crypto Exchange Landscape

StealthEX, the fast and secure online crypto exchange platform, has now been integrated into PAW. This partnership will enhance service offerings and improve the crypto exchange experience for both StealthEX and PAW Aggregator users.

Diving into the PAW Ecosystem

PAW Chain is not just another DeFi project, it represents a revolution in blockchain technology with a focus on speed, smooth fiat-crypto transitions, and redefining retail through advanced payment solutions.

With a Certik Audit placing it in the top 30 of all projects, and a silver KYC badge, PAW Chain is a decentralized blockchain development project that began in January of 2023, has grown to over 9000 holders, and has recently undergone a significant rebranding, showcasing its professionalism, and intentions of revolutionizing the entire crypto space. From automated market making and custom consensus blockchains with layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3 scaling, to its E-commerce and DeFi education program, PAW Academy, PAW Chain aims to interconnect the entire space. PAW Chain’s emphasis on seamless fiat-crypto transitions and advanced payment solutions aligns perfectly with StealthEX’s focus on optimal exchange rates and privacy.

Spotlight on StealthEX

StealthEX offers instant crypto exchanges with optimal rates, liquidity, and prices across over 1400 crypto assets. 

The non-custodial service emphasizes privacy, skipping Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations for fiat transactions under €700. 

One of the benefits of swapping crypto via StealthEX is its cross-chain swaps. This allows for more flexibility and interoperability within the crypto space and may be one of the most unique key features of the platform. When it comes to user satisfaction, the customer support service offered by this exchange is very good for resolving all your issues. Should a user experience any problems using this platform’s service, they need to contact the StealthEX support team.

Synergy in Integration

StealthEx and PAW Chain are very excited about this partnership, integrating StealthEX with PAW Chain’s Aggregator. PAW Aggregator is an aggregator of aggregators, meaning when a user wishes to make a trade, it will search through every single liquidity pool and aggregator in order to provide the user with the best price for their money. Providing StealthEX with increased traffic, given the exchange holds the best prices, this integration will also provide PAW Aggregator users with access to even greater liquidity sources, via StealthEX, creating new opportunities for crypto exchanges, and broader service offerings for both platforms.

The Future of Crypto Exchanges

The integration of StealthEX with PAW sets a precedent for the future of crypto exchanges. As the industry continues to evolve, collaborations between cutting-edge technologies will become increasingly common. This partnership not only improves the current state of crypto trading but also acts as a catalyst for further innovations in the space.


The integration of StealthEX with PAW represents a significant milestone in the evolution of cryptocurrency exchanges. By combining user-friendly interfaces, enhanced security, and privacy features, this collaboration demonstrates the commitment of industry leaders to provide a superior trading experience. As the crypto landscape continues to mature, such integrations pave the way for a more secure, efficient, and inclusive future for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

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