Cardano Surges 6% Alongside New Crypto Project

Right now, in the cryptocurrency world, everyone’s talking about Cardano, or ADA for short, because its value just went up by 6%. This isn’t just happening to Cardano alone; it’s part of a bigger thing going on in the crypto space where nearly all cryptocurrencies are increasing in value. This is called a bullish phase, and it’s a time when things in the crypto market look really good and a lot of people are excited about investing.

Cardano is doing especially well in this positive time. It’s becoming a favorite for people who want to put their money in cryptocurrencies. Along with all this good news, there’s also a lot of talk about a new cryptocurrency called Pandoshi. 

We’ll discuss about the reasons that make Pandoshi stand out in the crowded crypto space. We’re set to uncover what sets it apart from its counterparts and how it might smartly fit into your investment plans. For those considering their next step in the cryptocurrency market, continue reading to discover why Pandoshi might be the key to unlocking new investment opportunities.

Cardano (ADA) Faces Uphill Battle in Turbulent Market Conditions

Cardano (ADA), with a market value exceeding $10 billion, stands as one of the largest blockchains that leverages the proof-of-stake method. This technology is crucial for the functioning of decentralized applications.

The genesis of Cardano dates back to 2015, initiated by founders Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood. Notably, Hoskinson was also one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Cardano distinguishes itself as the first blockchain to adopt the Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. This algorithm is frequently highlighted for its energy efficiency, a stark contrast to the proof-of-work consensus utilized by Bitcoin.

September 2017 was a significant milestone for Cardano, marking the debut of its initial mainnet. This event signaled the operational start of the Cardano blockchain, facilitating ADA transactions through a federated network powered by the Ouroboros consensus mechanism. The network also integrates a smart contract platform named Plutus, which enables the use of the Haskell programming language for developing applications.

Cardano whales made a significant move by selling a substantial amount of their holdings during the first week of September. This resulted in the liquidation of 1.02 billion ADA tokens, equivalent to approximately $265 million. As forecasted, Cardano’s price witnessed a decline, with ADA dropping from $0.249 to $0.243 between September 4th and 11th, marking a 2.41% decrease.

In November, big whales strategically accumulated 1.89 billion ADA, equivalent to $600 million, in the price range between $0.249 and $0.271. This strategic accumulation reflects renewed confidence in the promising potential of Cardano (ADA).

As a result, the Cardano price forecast is optimistic, with experts stating that Cardano (ADA), which was valued at $0.629 on December 9, has experienced a 39.04% increase in seven days since December 6, when it was priced at $0.4469. However, the price predictions for Cardano in the following week are less favorable, as it is expected to decline to $0.549 by Debecember 17 marking a 12.72% decrease.

Pandoshi (PAMBO) – The Next Promising Meme Coin

Pandoshi is a new cryptocurrency, and right now, they’re in the early part of their public presale where you can buy PAMBO tokens for $0.006 each. They’ve already raised more than $1,700,000 and are soon moving into the next presale phase.

The Pandoshi team is working carefully and impressing crypto experts, who think Pandoshi could become really popular in the near future.

What’s causing excitement around Pandoshi? There are primarily two key factors: their emphasis on addressing real-life issues and their smart tokenomics strategy.

In the Pandoshi ecosystem, there are a variety of features to explore. These include a Layer-2 Network that operates using a Proof of Stake protocol, which is a more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional Proof of Work method, aligning with environmentally sustainable practices. Additionally, the ecosystem consists of a decentralized exchange, a non-custodial wallet, Metaverse games, educational initiatives such as Pandoshi Universitiy, and no KYC crypto prepaid cards.

PAMBO, the primary utility token within the Pandoshi ecosystem, plays a crucial role as the native token for PandaChain, the Metaverse Game, and various transactions within Pandoshi University. It also stands to benefit from the buy-and-burn mechanism implemented by PandoshiSwap and Cardoshi.

Functioning as a deflationary asset, PAMBO incorporates a buy-and-burn mechanism, which will cease when 80% of the total supply has been permanently removed from circulation. Acquiring PAMBO tokens is limited to either purchasing them directly or actively participating in official Pandoshi events, reflecting the token’s deflationary characteristics.

Pandoshi has introduced a total of 2 billion PAMBO tokens, with 1 billion allocated for the presale phase. The remaining distribution is divided as follows: 20% for DEX liquidity, 10% for CEX liquidity, and 20% designated for the Bonus program.

Currently, Pandoshi’s presale consists of five distinct stages, with the project currently positioned in the third stage where the token is valued at $0.006. The upcoming fourth stage will witness a price increase to $0.008, ultimately culminating in the final stage where the token will be priced at $0.01.

Following the conclusion of the public presale of PAMBO, the token is poised to enter the trading platforms of renowned decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap, with subsequent listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs) including Coinbase. The upcoming listing of the PAMBO token on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges is expected to cause a price increase. It’s likely that new investors will eagerly join in, purchasing the token at its public price of $0.01.

Considering these developments, our cryptocurrency specialists anticipate the PAMBO token could achieve a price range between $0.30 and $1 per token, surpassing its initial value of $0.01. This projection is based on two key factors: the real-world use of the Pandoshi platform and its substantial recognition within the cryptocurrency community.

Pandoshi stands out as an affordable investment opportunity, exemplifying a budget-friendly cryptocurrency. Despite its cheap price, it carries substantial growth potential, rendering it an enticing choice for investors in search of an economical option with the potential for considerable returns.

The detailed Pandoshi roadmap articulates a well-defined vision and a robust strategic approach to achieve its objectives. This roadmap not only promises exciting developments but also significant milestones, further elevating Pandoshi’s attractiveness to prospective investors.


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